How successful is hair transplant treatment?

When people think of hair transplants, commonly, they envision patchy and noticeable hair plugs from years past. However, due to advancing technology, hair loss treatments have come a long way, specifically in the last decade.

Hair transplantation, sometimes also known as hair hair transplant london restoration, is an outpatient procedure in which a micrografting technique is used to donate the patient’s own hair follicles to the balding areas of the scalp. Hair transplant in Lahore provides natural and long-lasting results using advanced techniques and equipment.
Results and the longevity of hair transplant procedure

After the hair transplant procedure is done, it takes some time before the results appear. As the transplanted region begins to heal, increased hair loss is noticed in the first few months, which is normal and expected. Once the hair transplant section is completely healed, the hair follicles start to make an appearance, and eventually, the hair grows in the same texture and length as the rest of the hair. Hair loss treatment can take up to the time span of seven to nine months before the hair takes root and begin to fill up the bald spots. People can style, cut or dye the ‘new hair’ according to their own preferences.

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